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Flo Krause, Meritz Chambers

Flo Krause (LLB Sheffield)

Called to the Bar July 1998

Left the Bar in May 2016

Previously admitted as a solicitor 1994

Sharon Agutter was the Clerk to Flo Krause and she will continue to chase due payments which has proven a real hard task to date!

Goodbye to the Chambers of Flo Krause

I have hung up my wig. I am sick of the legal aid cuts, the lack of access to justice, the systemic delays for my clients, the deprivations of liberty that have become routine where nobody is outraged anymore. I am sick of the paternalistic and moralistic lifer system, the begging for release, the cruel and inhuman treatment of inderterminate sentence prisoners, the middle class judging of people who end up in the system and the endless punishment of traumatised people. I am going to peddle my wares elsewhere.



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